Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pima County Arts Exhibit opens today

Here are some detail shots of my most recent work, What We Do Know (c) 2006. The full piece is 24x36 and currently part of the Pima County Arts Council exhibit of the Artists' of Rural Pima County. It can be seen at the Joel D. Valdez main library in Tucson, AZ, through March 23rd of this year. I created What We Do Know to bring attention to the situation in Ciudad, Juarez. I entitled the piece What We Do Know, because there are many theories and rumors and my piece just states simple facts that we do know including some of the conditions in which the bodies have been found. From the Amnesty International website they issued a report in 2003: Intolerable Killings/10 years of abductions and murders of women in Ciudad Juarez concluding that 370 women/children had been murdered in a variety of contexts, possibly a third of which indicated sexual violence. Many of the cases have still not resulted in the perpetrators being brought to justice.

I was compelled to make the piece when I realized that even though this has been going on since 1993, there are a majority of people that are still unaware this is happening. If you go to this NOW link, there is a partial list of organizations that are involved helping to bring international attention to this issue. Follow any of those links and you can find out more information.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Art Opening Tonight

This is just a detail picture of a portion of my piece, All That Is Left, that was accepted into Changing the World One Thread at a Time exhibiting in Tubac now through March. The opening reception is tonight. The curator, Thelma Smith, has been keeping a blog about the exhibit if you would like to read more about it. I can't believe I will get to see all of the other's beautiful art work in person in just a few hours!